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Self-Employed Mortgage Advisor Leeds

Self-Employed Mortgage Advice Leeds

Freelancing and self-employment are reaching new heights every day. It started gaining popularity after the Covid-19 pandemic, and however, it has since then kept proliferating. Therefore, the demand for self-employed people started growing massively as well. Many mortgage companies are coming out to lend a helping hand to self employed mortgage advisor Leeds.

How to Get a Self-Employed Mortgage

However, getting a self-employed mortgage is not as easy as it seems. Applicants need more documents to prove their financial stability than a regular client. The reason for this is simply that several lenders hesitate in approving a freelancer’s application because they’re worried about how the applicant would make their monthly payment based on their unsteady income. Furthermore, some lenders don’t like getting into a headache with additional documentation and paperwork.

But don’t worry – We’ve got you!

Here at Mortgage Advisors Leeds, we recommend some of the best mortgage talents in the market to help secure a reasonable and solid self-employed mortgage. These self-employed mortgage advisors Leeds, are some of the best professionals having years of experience and knowledge. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your application. These advisors have an approach to thousands of lenders that’ll happily assist you in landing your desired mortgage.

self employed mortgage advisors leeds

Things You’ll Need

As a self-employed candidate, here are a few things you’ll need to represent yourself as the perfect mortgage applicant. Firstly, a good credit score; paying a larger down payment can automatically work in your favor, among others. Secondly, don’t use business expenses to cover taxable income. Third, there are three options for a self-employed candidate to consider; Conventional loans, FHA loans, and bank statement credits. Lastly, there’s an option to take out a joint mortgage or enlist a cosigner.

How A Self-Employed Mortgage Advisor Is Your Best Choice

Our advocated self employed mortgage advisor leeds will provide you with a tailor-made solution considering your circumstances to aid in obtaining a self-employed mortgage. They will walk with you throughout the process to feel alone, and they will be a backbone to your operation by providing evidence of your income and years of accounts. Also, we have years of experience working with self-employed candidates, so you can let go of the stress knowing you’re in good hands. Reach out to us for more self-employed mortgage advice, and we’ll brief you in on everything.

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